DevTeach 2007 Recap

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Another year, another DevTeach. Once again, a great week at a community oriented event. The big announcement this year is that upcoming events will be just six months apart and will be held in Vancouver and Toronto as well as Montreal.

As they have done in previous years, MSDN Canada and DevTeach organizer Jean-Rene Roy hosted the annual get together for the Canadian user group leaders. This is an invaluable event where the group leaders have a chance to share techniques they use to effectively run their groups and help their community. It’s also a chance for the group leaders, as representatives of the developer community, to help MSDN determine how to best allocate the their budget for the upcoming year. This close communication is what makes the Canadian developer community one of the strongest in the world. 

Canadian User Group Leader Summit  Canadian User Group Leaders Break for Lunch

Doing three sessions on the first day and helping man the ObjectSharp booth the other two limited the time I had to attend sessions. I did have a chance to see a few that I found interesting, including Kate Gregory’s talk on building Vista ready applications and Berry Gervin’s on running Windows on a Mac. Both of these sessions took place in the most unusual conference room called Le Caf Conc, it is actually a theatre with two balconies and pictures of Can Can dancers on the wall.

The other notable events took place at the end of talks. At Beth Massi’s on the future of VB, EDMUG member Dave Woods decided to forgo the normal technology questions and instead ask Beth how she stole his heart while presenting her with a bouquet of flowers (this was prompted by Donald Belcham telling Beth that Woodsy had a crush on her the previous evening). The other took place at one of the agile sessions (which I missed), Roy Osherove ended the talk with a song (fortunately this was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube).      

Brian Noyes talks about ClickOnce in Le Caf Conc  Beth Massi Talks About the Future of VB  Beth Massi Gets Flowers

For more on the conference, check out the coverage by Universal Thread. I hope to make it to the Vancouver event and I hope to see you there.

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