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I just submitted my final set of abstracts for DevTeach Vancouver. Thirteen in all, with a mix of topics including Discoverability, ClickOnce, Acropolis, Design Patterns, VB Fusion, Windows Communication Foundation, and SharePoint 2007 development. I felt really good about my chances – at least I did for the two minutes between sending the email and reading this. Hold on, there are four or five tracks going on simultaneously, so unless Justice can figure out how to clone himself the rest of us still have a chance. I just hope I don’t get booked in the same slot as Drunken Design Patterns – that’s a session not to be missed!

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  1. My ideal situation would involve Donald and I doing Drunken Design Patterns, and then *immediately* after that session one of Donald’s other sessions goes in!

    I would venture to say your stuff sounds stacked; all of your topics sound great and I’d love to attend ’em. Heck, if by some chance we were scheduled against each other I’d just skip my session to see yours! =)

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