Toronto VB User Group Announces VB FUN-damentals Sessions

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I’m pleased to announce that, beginning in November, the Toronto Visual Basic User Group (TVBUG) will be adding a new feature to it’s meetings called VB FUN-damentals.

Update (Nov 2): Due to a scheduling mix-up, the VB FUN-damentals sessions will not begin until our December meeting.

VB FUN-damentals will be a thirty minute informal presentation or discussion that will take place prior to the main meeting. The topics covered will focus on fundamental concepts and will be targeted to those who are fairly new to .NET development. The goal is to widen the user group audience and to provide a comfortable forum for members who wish to try their hand at presenting.

The idea for VB FUN-damentals comes from Beth Massi and the East Bay .NET User Group who have been doing something similar for more that two years.

The new timeline for TVBUG meetings will look like this:

6:10 to 6:40 (VB Fundamentals)
6:40 to 7:00 (Pizza – Meet and Greet)
7:00 to 7:10 (Group Business)
7:10 to 9:00 (Main Presentation)

TVBUG meets monthly between September and June and all meetings are free for anyone to attend. To find out more about the meetings and the upcoming topics, please visit:

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