Refactoring in Visual Basic 2005 and 2008

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Quite regularly, when I’m speaking at a conference or teaching a course, I’ll have someone come up and ask me about the refactoring tool I used during a demo. It’s not that well known but just before Visual Studio 2005 was released, Microsoft partnered with Developer Express to provide a FREE refactoring add-in for anyone with a license of Visual Basic. This tool, called Refactor! for Visual Basic.NET, provides more than 30 common refactorings and works with all versions Visual Basic 2005 or 2008 except the Express editions. 

Recently, Beth Massi sat down with VB team member Lisa Feigenbaum to go over the ins and outs of this cool addition to the Visual Basic product. You can check out the Channel 9 video here:

For more info on Refactor! for Visual Basic and to download the add-in, please visit:

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