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Easy(er) ASP.NET Workflow Forms with the WSS 3.0 Workflow Tools

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[via Wouter Van Vugt] WSS3 Workflow Tools helps developers create better WSS 3.0 workflows by providing a development framework and by integrating into the Visual Studio development environment. The primary focus for this first release is on making it easier to create ASP.NET workflow forms. The first release consists of: Base classes for all workflow… Continue reading

Staying Sane in Today’s Software Development World with Billy Hollis

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I’m a big fan of Billy Hollis. He just seems to really get what’s going on in the .NET development world and the issues that today’s developers are facing. I just finished listening to a Deep Fried Bytes podcast where Billy spoke with hosts Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff about the flood of new technology coming from Microsoft… Continue reading