ObjectSharp Presents ‘Silverlight on the Silver Screen’ – July 9

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Last year ObjectSharp took Toronto by storm with the blockbuster hit Visual Studio 2008 at the Movies. That was so 2008.

This July, the much anticipated SQL comes to a theatre near you (assuming you live near John and Richmond in Toronto). Silverlight on the Silver Screen will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you see the beauty that is XAML data binding. See Sith Lord Barry Gervin use the Force to move Silverlight apps out of the browser. See Dave ‘Binary Dump’ Lloyd take debugging to the next level with VSTS and TFS. See Princess Bruce Organa-Johnson in his breakout role, multi-touching his way to your heart.

OK, a little more seriously – please join us on July 9 for an event that showcases what’s new in Silverlight as well as some of exciting technologies coming up in Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0, Expression Blend 3, and Windows 7. It will be fun and informative and there may even be a prize or two being given away.


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