How LINQ Works in Visual Basic 9.0

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I recently did a talk at DevLink that covered the language enhancements in VB 9.0 and C# 3.0 that support LINQ.  I was looking around Channel 9 last night and I noticed that Beth Massi and Johnathan Aneja from the VB team had a video covering the same material. It only covers VB, but almost of of the language enhancements they discuss were also implemented in C#.

LINQ Language Deep Dive with Visual Studio 2008
Ever wonder what really happens when you write a simple LINQ query? A lot of new language features went into the compilers in Visual Studio 2008 to make LINQ work. In this interview I sit down with Jonathan Aneja, a Program Manager on the Visual Basic Compiler team, who dives deep into these features like Type Inference, Anonymous Types, Lambda Expressions, Expressions Trees, and more. He explains what’s actually happening behind the scenes and all the work the compiler is doing for you when you write a LINQ query.



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