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Got back yesterday from SharePoint Saturday: The Conference. I met a lot of people I only knew electronically, learned a ton, and had a great time overall. That said, there were some issue that I guess you had to expect from such a large event being run by an all volunteer group.

“Even if we had prior experience in organizing 1-day SharePoint Saturday events, we underestimated the exponential amount of effort required to organize a 3-day event like this. As a result, there were some miscommunication issues, logistical inconsistencies and unmet expectations that was experienced by sponsors, speakers and attendees.” – Dux Raymond Sy from

It’ll be interesting to see if future multi-day SharePoint Saturday events are able to take the lessons learned and work them out.

Anyway, that’s for the future. For now, here are the links to the resources from my sessions:

SharePoint User Interface Development
One hour from the Developer 101 Workshop
Slides and demos:
Video recording:

SharePoint for ASP.NET Developers
​SharePoint is an awesome tool. It allows you to build web sites, manage lists of data, collaborate on documents, and so much more – all done through a simple, easy to use, web interface. When you need to go beyond the built in capabilities of the product, SharePoint also provides a rich set of APIs to code against. This session is designed to introduce you to the foundational topics required to build customizations on the SharePoint platform. Specifically we will cover: Features, the solutions framework, the server object model, and building simple Web parts. This session will be valuable for those working with SharePoint 2007 or 2010.
Slides and demos:

Integrating SharePoint 2010 and Visual Studio LightSwitch
Visual Studio LightSwitch is a tool that’s designed to let power users build data-centric business applications for the desktop and cloud. The tooling takes care of code generation, data access and common infrastructure needs, allowing the application builder to focus on business logic. If enhanced functionality is required, developers can extend the application with custom .NET code. In terms of data access, LightSwitch applications can use many data sources including SharePoint 2010 list data. The tooling uses a combination of the client object model and the REST API, so the integration is rich and powerful. In this session, you’ll see how to build LightSwitch applications that use data from SharePoint 2010.
Slides and demos:

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