Getting Started with SharePoint 2010 Development at DevTeach and Prairie DevCon

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I’ll be doing a full-day post-conference session on SharePoint 2010 development at both DevTeach in Ottawa and Prairie DevCon in Winnipeg

This session is a day-long overview of development on the SharePoint 2010 platform. It is designed for those new to SharePoint, but will prove interesting to seasoned SharePoint developers looking to find out about the new features in 2010. We will begin with a look at foundational topics like Feature and Solutions Packages and then see how we can use the developer tooling in Visual Studio 2010 to quickly and effectively build customizations contained in these artifacts. Over the course of the day we will explore the SharePoint developer APIs, how to build custom web parts, working with SharePoint lists and libraries, and options to access data stored in SharePoint.

Understanding Features and Modules

  • SharePoint 2010 architecture
  • SharePoint terminology
  • SharePoint development environment and tools
  • Features and elements
  • Solutions
  • Deployment

Working with the Object Models

  • Server object model
  • Event handlers
  • Client object model

Techniques to Access List data

  • Object model
  • CAML queries
  • REST APIs (oData)
  • LINQ to SharePoint

Building SharePoint Web Parts

  • Web part infrastructure
  • Visual web parts
  • Persistent web part properties
  • Web part connections

Introduction to SharePoint Workflows

  • SharePoint workflow concepts
  • Windows Workflow (WF) primer
  • Building SharePoint workflows with Visual Studio 2010

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