Upcoming Pluralsight Course: SharePoint 2013 Development with the Client Object Model and REST API

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Next Tuesday (May 28) my newest Pluralsight course will drop. It’s a 6.5 hour epic journey through the world of SharePoint 2013 Development using the Client Object Model and REST API. Here’s the module (chapter) breakdown.

Module 1: Introduction
- Introducing the Client Object Model
- Introducing the REST API

Module 2: Programming with the Client Object Model
- Using Load and Include
- Nesting includes
- Retrieving list items
- Data-binding
- Creating a list
- Batch exception handling
- Adding and updating list items
- Using Web Proxy
- Communicating from an App Web to the Host Web

Module 3: Programming with the REST API
- OData queries
- Using expand
- Data-binding
- Creating a list
- Creating list items
- Updating list items
- Using Web Proxy
- Communicating from an App Web to the Host Web
- Continuations

Module 4: Working with Documents and Document Libraries
- Creating a custom document library
- Uploading documents

Module 5: Working with Managed Metadata
- Creating terms and term sets
- Adding taxonomy fields
- Setting taxonomy field values

Module 6: Working with Users
- Checking user permissions
- Getting user profile properties

Module 7: Working with Search
- Keyword queries

Module 8: JavaScript in Solutions
- JavaScript in farm solutions
- JavaScript in sandbox solutions

Module 9: Working with “Legacy” Services
- Custom WCF services
- SOAP (ASMX) Web services
- SharePoint 2010 REST API (ListData.svc)

If you see the course feel free to comment if you have questions or feedback

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