SharePoint Fest New York–June 18 to 20

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Next week I’ll be presenting a workshop and two breakout sessions at SharePoint Fest in New York City.

WS 202 – JavaScript and JQuery for SharePoint Developers
If you’re a SharePoint developer you are either doing JavaScript development now or you will be doing JavaScript development in the near future. There has been an increased focus on client-side development with each of the recent versions of SharePoint and now, with the introduction of the SharePoint 2013 App model, understanding client-side development is a must. This half-day workshop is designed to help you get started writing effective client-side code on the SharePoint platform. We will begin with a look at the JavaScript language, comparing and contrasting it to the server-side languages you already know. We will also take a look at jQuery, an extremely popular JavaScript library that simplifies interaction with user interface elements. Once the foundational material is complete we examine how to deploy, reference and use JavaScript code in SharePoint solutions and apps. The demonstrations in this section will focus on illustrating suggested practices that will make your code more readable, maintainable and less error prone.

DEV 101 – SharePoint 2010/2013 for ASP.NET Developers
SharePoint is an awesome tool. It allows you to build web sites, manage lists of data, collaborate on documents, and so much more – all done through a simple, easy to use, web interface. Even better, SharePoint is built on top of ASP.NET. So, when the platform doesn’t have the functionality you need, you can extend it using the tools in Visual Studio and the SharePoint developer APIs. Unfortunately it’s not all wine and roses. In addition to your ASP.NET development experience you’ll need to learn SharePoint specific concepts, practices and terminology. This session is covers the SharePoint architecture, developer tools, APIs, and the different packaging and deployment models. Its goal is to give you enough to get started developing on the SharePoint platform while laying the foundation for further learning on the subject.

DEV 202 – Integrating SharePoint 2010/2013 and Visual Studio Lightswitch
Visual Studio LightSwitch is a tool that’s designed to let power users build data-centric business applications for the desktop and cloud. The tooling takes care of code generation, data access and common infrastructure needs, allowing the application builder to focus on business logic. If enhanced functionality is required, developers can extend the application with custom .NET code. In terms of data access, LightSwitch applications can use many data sources, including SharePoint 2010 or 2013. In this class, you’ll see how to build client, Web, and mobile LightSwitch applications that use data from SharePoint. You’ll also see how you can use LightSwitch to build SharePoint 2013 Apps.

If you’re in the New York area come on out and let’s connect and talk SharePoint development. There are lots of registration options, you can attend for one, two, or all three days. Use code WINDSOR100 when you register to get a discount.

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