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Adding a Service Reference to the SharePoint 2013 REST API

Published on: Author: Rob Windsor Leave a comment

Some time ago I wrote a post describing my issues trying to add a service reference to the SharePoint 2013 REST API. I’ve done some more investigation since then and I have some additional information. First off, I talked with my friend Paul Schaeflein who wrote a great blog post on how to use the… Continue reading

REST API Metadata Now Exposed by Sites in SharePoint Online

Published on: Author: Rob Windsor 1 Comment

I was sitting in on one of Andrew Connell’s talks this week and he mentioned that the REST API for most SharePoint Online sites now exposes metadata. I immediately went to my SharePoint Online site, added /_vti_bin/Client.svc/$metadata to the site URL and, lo and behold, it worked!   What follows is the tale of my… Continue reading