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Webcast Series for ASP.NET Developers Who Want to Learn SharePoint

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[via Paul Andrew] [Microsoft is] doing lots of things around introductory SharePoint development for .NET developers over the next few months. Here is the schedule for a series of MSDN web casts on 10 introductory SharePoint development topics for .NET developers. If you are a .NET developer then chances are these are the most interesting ten… Continue reading

Webcast: Migrating Your Visual Basic 6 Investments to .NET

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I’ll be doing my first webcast tomorrow with Beth Massi on VB 6.0 to .NET integration and migration. Visual Basic (VB) 6 was used by millions of developers world-wide to build applications ranging from thousands to millions of lines of code representing significant organizational investments. The path from VB 6 to .NET has not always… Continue reading