MaxiVista Version 3

Here is another one of my “use it every day” applications. Maxivista. If you have read any of my postings related to productivity enhancing tools you know that I use MaxiVista for remote mirroring when lecturing with my Tablet PCs. I am very excited about the new version. Gunnar Bartels must have been reading my mind when he added these new features and improvements.

Version 3 now supports Vista!

  • Enhanced clipboard synchronization
    MaxiVista now also synchronizes formatted text, bitmaps and files (Windows XP/Vista only) between the computer’s clipboards:

  • Improved Remote Control
    The Viewer program can now operate as a Windows service which allows you to log onto a locked secondary PC:

  • New displaying options
    MaxiVista supports latest widescreen resolutions and ultra high virtual resolutions (up to 4,800×2,400 pixels) with new zoom/shrink-to-fit auto-panning modes and a freely resizable viewer program in window mode:

  • More 

    • Up to 50% performance boost
      New Intel-optimized compression algorithms and the network parameter optimizer increase the performance of the extended screen playback up to 50%

    • MaxiVista now remembers the last used mode (extended screen vs. remote control vs. mirroring)

    • Deactivation of extended screen can now be configured when secondary PC is being locked

    • Screensaver synchronization between the computers

    • Detailed network parameters settings to tweak performance

    • Customizable hotkeys for all major options

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Link: Maxivista

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