HP Pavilion tx2000 – tx2051 Review

Steve S (Microsoft MVP – Tablet PCs) has recently posted his comprehensive review of the HP Pavilion tx2051 over in MobilePCWiki. Thanks Steve!

I have seen this machine in two retail stores in the last couple of weeks and have seen it advertised in a third. Decently decked out they are going for $1100-1200 Canadian Dollars. And you can walk right in and touch them at Best Buy, London Drugs and Staples. It’s been years since I have seen a real Tablet PC in more than one or at the most two retailers locally. I hope to have one to demo for a couple of upcoming Tablet PC seminars, but from what I have seen so far, warts and all, there is a lot of value there for the money.

Steve writes…

Bottom line first: The tx2051 is a competent convertible tablet with many nice features including a pretty reasonable street price. Perhaps in line with this price, I find that this convertible delivers a slightly-above average tablet experience to the user but that there are a few design choices that seemingly could have been better integrated together. Note that I’m not saying that the tx2051 is poorly done…. I’m saying that it could have, and probably should have, been much better! The story here can’t be summarized in just a couple of sentences, so I invite you to read on…


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