Motion founding member / current COO/President Dave Altounian interview

John Hill at TabletPC Buzz / Allegiance Technology has posted his interview with Dave Altounian. Dave Altounian was involved very early (2001) in the life of Tablet PCs and he is very open in his insights about the future at Motion.

From John Hill

Here is the streaming audio link to my interview with Motion founding member and current COO/President Dave Altounian.

sorry for the minor reverb! Also, because this was recorded using webex, you will see a windows open but there is no video in this recording.

Click here to listen to the interview

you can read the press release of his appointment here

(Disclosure: My company, Allegiance Technology is a major reseller of Motion Computing)

John Hill
TabletPCBuzz Owner/Editor

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21 Great Technologies That Failed

PC Mag still doesn’t get it.

Imagine including the Tablet PC as one of the 21 Great Technologies That Failed

Tablet PCs (2002)
Rather than typing on a PC, why not write on it as though it were a pad of paper? And have the CPU interpret your chicken scratch, sort your notes, and generally work in a much smarter way? Based on sales, it seems the world still isn’t ready for the Tablet PC. Nevertheless, Gates is convinced you’ll eventually love this system.

I think the failure here, is that PC Mag doesn’t comprehend that having the Tablet PC features mainstreamed into Vista is a great success.