M700 and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager

I have read several threads in various forums and there seems to be a thought that uninstalling the Intel Matrix Storage Manager results in better benchmark scores. The numbers look compelling.

I wondered how this might affect me, and whether I would see any difference with applications that I run.

The short conclusion: I will stick with the Intel Matrix Storage Manager

My machine *does* have the 1 gig Intel Turbo Memory installed and this may also have impacted my results. I also have 4 gigs of ram installed running Vista Ultimate 32-bit.

Testing with and without the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

My test was very simple and to eliminate the vagaries of the Toshiba Utilities and other things that were preloaded I did my testing running Virtual PC with an image having only: Vista Ultimate, ESET NOD32, Office 2007 Ultimate.
The things I timed:

  • Time to Login
  • Time to Desktop
  • Time to fully operation Excel 2007

The actual times are not important – but the differences are.
The times to reach each of these milestones was longer in the Virtual Machine but I got really consistent results. I tested once, and then shut down the Virtual Machine and then did it again.
The interesting result was first time load of the test was slower with the Intel Matrix Storage Manager installed. But the second and subsequent tests were faster with Intel Matrix Storage Manager installed than without it.

Both with and without, the second runs were faster.

  • Without: The second run was 10 seconds faster to each milestone
  • With: The second run was 45 seconds faster to each milestone.

The net result was:
On the second run, using the Intel Matrix Storage Manager was 25 seconds faster.
I am going to leave it installed because having tried it both ways, I did not see a huge improvement in any noticeable way except that second and subsequent loads of applications seemed faster with the Intel Matrix Storage Manager installed.

I don’t have any theories to account for what the benchmark numbers are showing.

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