Microsoft Surface RT

When the Microsoft Surface RT became available – I was right there in line to buy it. I was excited. I was looking forward to a devices conceived, designed, executed, marketed and supported by the company that made the operating system, Windows 8. I knew that I would miss an active digitizer. This been a standard requirement for me for every portable computer that I’ve owned since 2003. But I was willing to give this a shot. I was also concerned, but aware that some of my mission critical applications would not run on Windows on ARM. But I was there in line, that first day.

And six months later I am still excited, using it daily and glad to own it even though I got the Surface Pro 90 three months later. and I use that too.

Now if it had an active digitizer (active stylus) this would in many respects be the perfect portable device for me. It turns out that the user experience using Remote Desktop is so good that I can use Visual Studio running on a virtual machine in Windows Azure, and not for a moment miss all of the running on my local device. For almost everything that I need to do, I can do it on the Surface RT.

So why did I get the Surface Pro? Well that was always the plan, to do that. And because, since 2003 I have been using portable computers with an active stylus. It turns out that for some things, nothing else will do.




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