Presentations Tips: Separate User Account for Presentations

Quick Tip

Create a separate user account for doing presentations. Set all the options in the user account for a distraction free presentation. Switch to that user account before you start your presentation. This is fast and simple and it will keep your presentation from being derailed by a screen saver, unwanted notification, or distracting live tile.

With Windows 8.1 it’s extremely fast to switch user accounts without signing out or closing apps.

    1. Open Start by swiping in from the right edge of the screen and then tapping Start. (Or, if you’re using a mouse, point to the lower-left corner of the screen, move your mouse all the way into the corner, and then click Start.)

    2. Tap or click your account picture, and then choose another account from the menu.


When I‘m doing presentations there are lots of things that I used to do to ensure that the event ran smoothly without distractions. But I found it tedious to go through and do all of them before a presentation, only to have to restore those settings to my usual preferences. So I have all these preferences set in the user account I use for presentations.

Presentation Settings

  • Do a search for present and choose Adjust settings before giving a presentation
  • Make any changes that are appropriate for your situation

Hide Notifications

  • Open the Charms bar and tap Notifications 
  • Hide Notifications for 1, 3,  or  8 hours


Control Notifications Permanently

  • Do a search for notifications and choose Notifications Settings
  • Make any changes that are appropriate for your situation

Turn Live Tiles Off/On

  • On the start screen, right click or press and hold any live tile (e.g. photos, mail, news)
  • Turn live tile off or back on again

Start in the Modern User Interface

  • Arrange tiles into groups
  • Arrange groups

One thought on “Presentations Tips: Separate User Account for Presentations”

  1. Such simple suggestions and yet just what I needed. I like to be ultra prepared before a presentation. I thought I knew all about Windows 8.1, but, as usual, I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.
    I am really looking forward to being better prepared for my next presentation.
    Thank you very much for your tips.

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