Surface Pro 3: My Pen Wakes up my Surface At The Worst Times

One of the great moments with the Surface Pro 3 is when you click the button on the Pen and the system springs to life. This is great when you want it, and it not so great when you don’t.

The worst times are when I reach into my backpack and jostle the Pen, and it wakes up the system while it’s in its case. Starting the system up when it’s in the case causes it to run, run down the battery, and of course it gets hot.

If you put the Surface Pro 3 into Hibernate mode, the Pen button doesn’t wake it up.

Here’s how you can add Hibernate to the Power Options menu.

On the Start menu choose Run

In the Run dialog type: gpedit.msc


Click OK

In the Group Policy Editor navigate to:

Administrative Templates > Windows Components > File Explorer > Show hibernate in the power options menu.


Click and then set the option to Enabled.


That’s it. OK your way out. 

Next time you want to Hibernate tap Start > Shutdown and choose Hibernate.


What about InstantGo?

Yes, when I turn on Hiberate I lose the instant resume from standby, and the background updates for email or connectivity by Skype.  I have my Windows phone with me all the time so I don’t need the connectivity while the system is asleep. It does take a longer to wake up from Hibernate but at least now I can choose to go there immediately if I want.