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Outlook Hanging with Surface

After months of struggling with Outlook hanging up inexplicably I found something that looks really promising.  I had thought it was because I’m connecting to several Exchange servers.  It was particularly bad if I switched between the Mail and Calendar windows after Outlook had been running for awhile. My solution was to open up my Calendar in a second window as soon as I opened Outlook, but that was really tedious to have to remember to switch windows instead of using the shortcuts at the bottom left of the Outlook window.

Check this out;   File | Options | Advanced – Disable hardware graphics acceleration.



Surface Tips: Thumb Keyboard and more

I had forgotten about the Thumb Keyboard because I have a Windows Phone and use the Word Flow keyboard.

Word Flow with shape writing in action GIF

As I result I don’t have much experience typing with my thumbs.  I really hope that this feature finds its way into a future release of Windows.

Back to the present:  I recently got an HP Stream 7 and it’s a perfect size to use the thumb keyboard.

Unfortunately I can use the Windows-Volume-Down* trick to take a screenshot of the onscreen keyboard or I could show you how well that onscreen thumb keyboard looks on a 7 inch screen.

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* Press and hold the Windows button, and press down on the lower volume button on the side of your Surface. Your screen will dim a little for a moment when you do this. Your screenshots will be saved their own separate folder inside your Pictures folder.