FrontPage Server Extension 2002 for IIS 7.5 Windows Server 2008 R2

If you use SharePoint Designer or Web Expression or still old FrontPage but you want to run your web sites on Windows Server 2008 or R2 you will not be able to install the former FrontPage Server Extension (FPSE) on this systems. You need updated versions. But Microsoft isn’t providing any newer version.

But to keep on working with FPSE and easily access your web sites from Windows 7 and the current version of web editing tools, you need to install FPSE supported on current versions of operating systems.

Get it here and read more details about licensing current supported version of FPSE.

Be aware that you need a license for each site you are running on your IIS, it is not sufficient just to buy licenses for the amount of sites you are going to extend with FPSE.

And watch that you get a host ID for every NIC which is in your system. So submit the right host ID when you order your licenses.

Once you have extended your web site with FPSE, you need to edit the authentication for this web site to continue with administration for FPSE, otherwise you will not be able to log on as the administrator to continue.

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