Security vulnerability on Printer environments

Could a hacker from half-way around the planet control your printer and give it instructions so frantic that it could eventually catch fire? Or use a hijacked printer as a copy machine for criminals, making it easy to commit identity theft or even take control of entire networks that would otherwise be secure?

It’s not only possible, but likely, say researchers at Columbia University, who claim they’ve discovered a new class of computer security flaws that could impact millions of businesses, consumers, and even government agencies.

Some printer vendors acknowledged that the potential existed for a certain type of unauthorized access on certain printer models.

In the meantime some firmware updates available from some vendors for certain printer models, to close the security leak. But still many printers might be vulnerable against attackers conquer printer firmware and use printers for whatever intrusion or damage during business relevant high availability print job execution.

It is valid to cover print environments into current network designs and placing printers behind firewalls against core business systems.

And disable remote firmware upates for protection.


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