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Skype blocks your network adapter [Update]

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Since Skype versions 6.1x and especially 6.2x and now 6.3x many people facing problems with network connections after starting Skype. Even not be able anymore to logon to Skype, because the network connection is blocked.

When you open the status for your network adapter, you can see that there are not any byte received and send anymore. And after a few seconds you get notice that there is no internet connection anymore.

Not enough, you recognize starting IE or Explorer takes time, if you are anyways be able to open them.

Once you terminate Skype everything returns.

It doesn’t matter if you disable UPnP in Skype or you disable using alternative port 80 or 443 to receive incoming calls.

Sometimes it helps for a while if you let the network wizard resolve problems with the network connection. But be aware that the issue returns when you start Skype next time.

If you find event ID 11609 in your event log referencing to your Skype installation, this is related to what I described.

Here are some links if you like to read more about…


After applying KB2444677 Hotfix, Problem was solved. So it seems it is related with special handle execution on Explorer internals.

[Next Update]

Problem turns back until it was solved for a while. Now thinking about finish with Skype, as this seems ongoing issue when reading community forums.

[Additional Update]

Seems now been fixed with Skype version hopefully



WLAN–LAN switch not supported under Windows 8

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Maybe you remember setting the WLAN / LAN switch on your notebook BIOS, disables your WLAN adapter when you plug in an Ethernet cable to your NIC and enables the WLAN when it is unplugged.

This feature, even if it is correctly configured in the BIOS of your notebook, it will not work on Windows 8.

Sadly you have to manually switch adapters on or off under Windows 8


Internet Explorer crashes and hangs

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Starting with IE10 installed, I faced lots of crashes and hangs.

Searching for some troubleshooters I found this helpful