What’s with this WMPUB directory?

I was recently going through my windows lockdown procedure, cleaning up unnecessary files and noticed that every Windows 2003 Server I own has a wmpub directory in the root of my C drive. The only thing in the directory is an empty subdirectory named wmiislog.

Since I strongly believe that a clean system is conducive to security, and I especially hate clutter in my root dir, I tried deleting the folder, only to find that it was in use and could not be deleted. Annoyed with this empty directory I did some research to find out exactly what this was.

Segregate Your DNS Servers article

DNS is one of the Internet’s oldest and most ubiquitous protocols. It’s also one of the most misunderstood and misconfigured. DNS is an efficient hierarchal distributed-database mechanism, but the effectiveness of that mechanism strongly depends on proper configuration. How you design your organization’s DNS infrastructure can have a huge impact on the performance and security […]

VM Host Access is Physical Access

In the last year I have seen a huge explosion in the use of virtual machine technology for critical infrastructure systems. Many of us have long used virtual machines for testing, software development, and research, but many organizations are increasingly using virtual machines for critical servers. I have seen some companies implement their entire DMZ on a single box, build scalable mail systems spread across a few vm hosts, even an ISP that uses Linux-based virtual machines for many of its backbone routers. There is also a growing number of pre-built virtual appliances becoming available.