Password Trivia: Character Sets

I thought I would start sharing some of the statistics I have gathered over the last five years researching passwords. One area I found interesting was the use of character sets. I have long said that password length is the single most important factor in password security, but character diversity certainly does play an important […]

Don’t forget the KB’s

With Microsoft’s ongoing improvements to the patch management process, you may find yourself letting automation take over on patch Tuesday. I sat down at my PC this morning and saw that it had rebooted because it automatically installed new updates. Although I spent half the day yesterday writing patch reports for several clients, I forgot […]


I recently ran across this tool I made for a client several years ago and thought I would share it. It’s basically for those times when you need a little privacy but there are too many peeping eyes around. Just pop open squint and it makes it hard to see the screen unless you are […]