Can Retroactive Immunity be Anything Less than an Admission of Guilt?

Ars Technica reports that Congress is looking in to the extent of the cooperation between phone companies and the NSA. This interest was sparked by the White House’s proposal for retroactive immunity.
What’s interesting about this, however, is what it really means to call for retroactive immunity. It’s one thing to provide immunity for possible future […]

Hiding Secrets in Books

Ok, this post is really just an advertisement for an affiliate program I am in but I thought it was interesting enough to promote:

Looking at their selection I found that some of their book titles–The History of Chocolate or The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex–might invite someone to want to pick them up and read and […]

Multi-Factor Authentication vs Multi-Single Factor Authentication

Sprites mods has an interesting article about hacking the protection of a hardware authentication device:
What’s interesting about this is that it shows how easy it is to feel like a hardware device is providing a second factor of authentication when in reality all it is doing is giving you single factor authentication twice. And although […]

Technology Fixed the Stapler, Is Windows Next?

I recently experienced a small technology miracle: I found myself a stapler that doesn’t mangle staples and doesn’t jam. For years those twisted and contorted staples stuck in my carpet were a perpetual reminder of how technology has failed us.
Yet despite my already large graveyard of abandoned staplers, I never gave up my search […]