The Vista bugs that bug me the most

Vista has had some pretty bad press this year, some people blame Microsoft for initially overhyping but eventually poorly marketing the OS, some blame the “I’m a Mac” commercials, and some blame the security features. As for me, I just find it to be too rough around the edges.
While I am often tempted to ditch […]

Fun with open proxies

I was recently playing around with web proxies at my data center lab and got an idea to open up a couple anonymous proxies to see how long it would take for someone to start exploiting them. I fired up two anonymous proxies–using 3APA3A’s very cool and very tiny 3proxy tool–on adjacent IP addresses, each […]

A bad month for CAPTCHAs

Shortly after my last post on CAPTCHAs, some of you may have noticed MustLive’s CAPTCHA bypass tests in the comments below the article. Although I moderate all comments to my blog, I allowed those through because I thought they were a good follow-up to what I myself had written about CAPTCHAs.
In reality, the only function […]