10 Ways to add to my paranoia

A couple of years ago I wrote an article at SecurityFocus.com about my security paranoia, which ended up in a lot of people thinking I went way too far and perhaps needed some mental help. In the article I wrote that instead of the word paranoia, I prefer meticulous precaution.
With astronomical growth in spyware and […]

Why I miss hacking

I have a problem with my two-year old: he keeps getting out of his bedroom. This morning it was 4am and he was climbing over me and my wife, patting us on our heads.
It’s not like we haven’t tried containing him. It started when he wouldn’t go down for naps. As a quick fix I […]

Mandatory Integrity Control

I thought I would write about a technology introduced in Windows Vista called Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC), which is an access control scheme that Microsoft developed partially based on previous work by others, in particular the Biba model.
There are several traditional access control models we use in computer security. Windows enforces access control using the […]