PowerPivot BlogRoll – 27th January 2013

PowerPivot activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 27th January 2013.


Introduction to DAX Formulas & Measures for PowerPivotbit.ly/126dmx9

Kasper de Jonge PowerPivot Blog
Filtering results to only show top x results in Power View chart – bit.ly/UzkC0n

Modeling Viral and Marketing Growth, Part 3 of 3 – bit.ly/114srjB

Chris Webb’s BI Blog
Building Relative Date Reports in PowerPivotbit.ly/XOEXw8

Stefan Johansson
Create Time Dimension- bit.ly/126aWyJ

Modeling Viral and Marketing Growth, Part Two – bit.ly/XOEBpl

Brent Greenwood’s BI blog
A Time dimension specifically for PowerPivot & AS Tabular – bit.ly/Wut3dK

Demystifying PowerPivot in SharePoint and Excel –http://bit.ly/VkwlNq

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