PowerPivot (& DAX) BlogRoll – 24th February 2013

PowerPivot & DAX activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 24th February 2013.


More Office 2013 bait-and-switch revelations – bit.ly/XWHF5d

A Response To Where Did My PowerPivot Go? – bit.ly/W5RRep

Erik Svensen
Create a dynamic table from PowerPivot data in Excel 2013 without VBA – bit.ly/11Uwsre

SQLBI – Marco Russo
DAX Time Intelligence for 4-4-5 Calendar, ISO Calendar and other custom ones – bit.ly/UDm1nM

Revolutionaries in Redmond! PowerPivotPro Readers Quoted in ZDNet! – bit.ly/YvMxxd

Microsoft peed on my PowerPivot – bit.ly/152Km8G

Can Microsoft bring BI to the masses if the Excel 2013 masses can’t get BI? – zd.net/ZcFt9G

SQLBI – Marco Russo
The Right Version of Excel 2013 for using PowerPivotbit.ly/151oieu

Gobán Saor
Look’s like Star Schema is back on the menu! – bit.ly/Y931eM

PowerPivot (& DAX) BlogRoll – 17th February 2013

PowerPivot & DAX activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 17th February 2013.


The Data Specialist
Equivalent of VLOOKUP in DAX–Part I – bit.ly/Xk0FKL

PowerPivot Pro
Hey, Who Moved My (PowerPivot 2013) Cheese? – bit.ly/11OZdWp

PowerPivot Pro
New Beginning – bit.ly/15fNsXV

PowerPivot Pro
Tomorrow is the Last Day for Chandoo Sign-Up! – bit.ly/VUlOOD

The Data Specialist
Bug in PowerPivot 2012 for Excel 2010 – bit.ly/WLhoIh

“Announcing” the Business Analytics Conference – bit.ly/XPDerQ

PowerPivot and PowerView Confusion in Office 2013 – bit.ly/Vpfqws

[Course]Advanced DAX – bit.ly/Vpfqws

Gerhard Brueckl’s BI Blog
Fiscal Periods, Tabular Models and Time-Intelligence – bit.ly/W3SiAH

SQL Chick
Checklist for Knowing Your PowerPivot Model is Complete – bit.ly/YzWEQh

PowerPivot (& DAX) BlogRoll – 10th February 2013

PowerPivot & DAX activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 10th February 2013.


Guest Post from Ken Puls: Determine Effective Tax Rate – bit.ly/U2vdlc

When to Use Measures vs. Calc Columns – bit.ly/VQSm8E

First DAX Advanced Workshop in London, May 2013 DAX Tabular SSAS – bit.ly/Y3sx4Y

Excel Hero Blog
Master Excel PowerPivot Now – bit.ly/X0vnXa

Javier Guillén Pervasive Business Intelligence
Developing child-aware KPIs in PowerPivot and BISM Tabular – bit.ly/VDtCyI

Some Random Thoughts
UNION Operation in DAX Queries – bit.ly/XTZa33

ProLogika Forums
PowerPivot Data Refresh in Excel 2013 – bit.ly/XU0wuK

PowerPivot (& DAX) BlogRoll – 3rd February 2013

PowerPivot & DAX activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 3rd February 2013.


Introduction to DAX Formulas & Measures for PowerPivotbit.ly/126dmx9

Cindy Gross
Hurricane Sandy Mash-Up: Hive, SQL Server, PowerPivot & Power View – bit.ly/WLYQan

Chris Webb’s BI Blog
Office 2013, Office 365 Editions and BI Features – bit.ly/14zvxdt


with Excel 2013 – bit.ly/XenvCk

Stars and Snowflakes and Bears, Oh My! – bit.ly/WrDNdG

Execute a DAX Query on SSAS Tabular in Excel – bit.ly/Y7zHDP

Import Data from Tabular Model in Excel Using a DAX Query – bit.ly/UsB0Sx

Stairway to PowerPivot and DAX – Level 2: The DAX COUNTROWS() and FILTER() Functions – bit.ly/TQbVRb

Project Botticelli
[Pay Site]New Video Tutorial by Marco: Querying with DAX – bit.ly/11FJzLY

Mini Post #3 of 3: Are You Using Excel 2013 Yet? – bit.ly/XelcPO

Mini Post #2 of 3: Supporting/Example Files from the Book Available for Free Download – bit.ly/11FHPCz

Mini Post #1 of 3: Interview at SoftwareAdvice.com – bit.ly/11OzlUX

Pyramid Analytics
Pyramid Analytics announces deeper Integration with PowerPivot and SQL Server Tabular Analysis- bit.ly/WXSbcV

Tutorial: Optimize a Sample PowerPivot Model for Power View Reports – bit.ly/UssbZ1

What is PowerPivotconta.cc/VGpoMe

Currency Conversion in Tabular Model Using DAX – http://bit.ly/118W7LG

PASS Business Analytics conference – Chicago, IL – April 10-12, 2013 – bit.ly/WpEGT8

Gerhard Brueckl’s BI Blog
Dynamic ABC Analysis in PowerPivot using DAX – bit.ly/T3PBSv