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I have a website which tries to provide some useful Excel information, different to the many other Exel websites. This site includes what is probably the most useful SUMPRODUCT discussion on the web.

Around about August 2008, my host provider,, started to tear down my site on or around the 20th of every month, due to exceeding my bandwidth limit (I admit, until then I had not been aware I had a limit). I was confused as to why this should happen, my site was popular, but was never one of the most frequented sites, and I had no new material to tempt anyone. Unfortunately, seeking clarification from 123-reg was a frustrating exercise, I was just bounced back with cut-and-pasted responses that did little to address my actual question.

So, when my renewal came up, I was looking to be off. I found a new provider, and wanted to move my site across. Again, 123-reg were just as unhelpful in transferring my domain as they had been in helping me to understand the problems, so it has taken a while.

All of this is a long preamble to saying my site is back in operation, and it looks as it did before. It is my hope and intention to give it a refresh when the time allows, make it more dynamic, and to add some new content, but for now I am just happy for it to be back up.

One thing I have managed to do is to update the SUMPRODUCT page. This page has been split into two parts, the first part deals with the mechanics of SUMPRODUCT, how it works, and considerations of this, whilst the second part has all of the examples. In addition, the first part has 3 new sections:

-          Conditional Counting And Summing in VBA – using SUMPRODUCT
in VBA

-          SUMPRODUCT and Excel 2007 – the implications of

-          Performance considerations – of using SUMPRODUCT

This page is going to get another overhaul soon, but in the meantime I hope that these changes are useful.

I would just add that my new host provider orcsWeb, has been immeasurably better in providing technical support. So far, it seems to be a great service.