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You Say CustomUI Editor, I Say TextPad


I have written before about hand-crafting XML so as to
customise an Office 2007 ribbon at XML
Is Such A Pain
and Autogen’ed
Ribbon Code


As I have mentioned before, the CustomUI editor is far from
perfect. It does allow adding of  image
files and to validate the XML, but the editing experience is absolutely awful.


My favourite editor is TextPad,
and one of the useful features of TextPad is the facility to incorporate syntax
files that are file type dependent, for instance a Visual Basic syntax file for
.bas and .vbs file types. The syntax files can highlight elements of your files
which assist in  entering script as well
as making the script more readable.


Although I rarely use the CustomUI editor when I am developing
Excel ribbons these days as I autogen everything, my autogen doesn’t yet handle
Word or Access ribbons. As I still don’t want to use the CustomUI editor, I
built myself a CustomUI syntax file for use with TextPad. I can now edit my XML
in TextPad, and copy and paste into the CustomUI editor when it is ready. I
find this much more productive.


It is still necessary to setup TextPad with a document class
for these files, setup the keyword colours and so on, but if you think it could
be useful, you can get it a copy via the RSS feed, or download it here.