Another upgrade tonight….

Well Susan was in a mood to upgrade tonight… she”s now kicked the underlying .NET from the 1.1 to 2.0.  So the only two upgrades left are my tummy surgery and the upgrade to SQL 2005. 

She”s now going to look for that YouTube video plug in that folks were wanting but needed 2.0 to do it.  In the meantime she”s installed the Akismet spam engine rules to block some more of the gunky stuff.

I”ll post again when she”s got the You Tube stuff loaded up.

On the latest Service pack

“Your version: 2.1.61025.1 “

And we are now on CS 2.1 sp1

Sorry I havent” blogged in a while … And I have some changes in the future that I have to plan on…. I”ll blog about the upgrades when we do them but here”s what”s planned for me:

I need to have a stomach surgery to increase my tummy size.. right now I only have a 36gig tummy and I need a bigger one for the changes in the future.  I want to upgrade to .NET 2.0 and up my SQL server to 2005.  And I”m looking at my SQL database and I need to see if there”s anyway to run a script through there and remove all that spam stuff.  Susan has had to kick the blog spam scores a bit this week at the spamming was a bit much again. <sigh> Those spammers just won”t stop, will they?

But for now.. I”m up on CS 2.1 SP1….hmmmmm feels nice to be up to date!

Changes between Community Server 2.1 RTM and Service Pack 1

User Experience Improvements

4514 – If a gallery is in tag mode, the next/prev and album highlight image are shown when viewing a photo but don’t do anything.                                            
4515 – Subscribing to a gallery photo uses a process which is not back button or refresh safe.
4604 – Inline Tag Editor text area too small when first opened in IE7.
4612 – Notify All Owners option always hidden on blog create new post screen. Also add default setting for this to the Default Options blog setting screen.
4647 – Blog control panel Post List screen should use User Time (adjusted to user time zone) instead of server published time.
4646 – Weblog number of moderated comments includes ones rated as definite spam. Change behavior to ignore spam comments in the moderation count.
4679 – CSS fixes and improvements for blog skins
4678 – Updated blog post auto-naming to remove extended characters and convert all text to lower-case.
4682 – Blog comment form does not remember name/url when “remember me” is checked. Cookie expiration should be set to +1 year.
4685 – Telligent store web service update.
4696 – Trackback subjects are not properly parsed from HTML documents 

Help text clean-up and Improvements

4236 – Enable comments now says “enable comments to your blog” when editing a photo (text change).
4255 – Help text for “Enable Download Disclaimer” is incorrect (text change). 

Security Improvements

4260 – Address potential cross-site scripting issue
4356 – Weblog post IP address property not populated.
4625 – Added additional Control Panel web.config authorization 

Performance Improvements

4285 – TinyMCE editor is slow when editing long posts due to HTML validation.
4626 – Aggregate blog caching and performance improvements. Changed default cache time to 1 min from 15 mins, removed double permission checking in GetWeblogs, weblog cache cleared immediately when updating or adding a blog.
4657 – DiskUsage field not returned by cs_weblog_Weblogs_Get sproc. Degrades performance by causing handled exceptions when retrieving a list of weblogs.
4684 – Very long trackback names can cause the form options to stretch off of the blog Comment Manager screen.

Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes

4173 – ContentParts with default content duplicate the ContentPart control javascript.
4228 – Moderate.GetForumsByForumGroupID() could cause a null reference.
4241 – Content duplication bug in TinyMCE when using IE.
4256 – When using an external blog feed (FeedBurner), category/tag feeds are also redirected.
4283 – In Forum Admin TreeView, creating a subforum of a deleted forum is some times possible and causes an exception.
4517 – Gallery web service does not save tags/categories when creating a photo.
4579 – All elements in the blog sidebar for all core blog skins should be wrapped in a div tag with a unique ID. This makes it easier to customize the blog appearence with the CSS Override field.
4516 – When subscribed to a gallery photo, the gallery fails to send emails.
4608 – Every other row on the Blog Tags and Snippets pages in the Control Panel are missing the delete confirmation dialog and will automatically remove the tag or snippet when clicked.
4658 – When you toggle a blog comment”s properties in the Blog CP Comments creen, the comment body gets stripped of its formatting.
4681 – Save additional data to the deleted post archive to allow us to better investigate why posts were auto-deleted and improve the spam engine. We now collect SpamScore, PostStatus, and PropertyNames/Values.