Forgot to put the iframe back into the blog configuration

<iframe scrolling = “true” src = “true” frameBorder = “true” height = “true” width = “true” />

So that”s back into position where it should be.

Community server is shipped with scripts and iframe disabled (which is a good thing) and then we reenable them as needed.

Still looking at my tummy

Unhandled exceptions cause ASP.NET-based applications to unexpectedly quit in the .NET Framework 2.0:

The nice Doctor on the phone is still looking at my tummy but he gave me that KB to look at in the meantime.  He said that the second chance dump files are the ones he needs to look at.

One of the debugging blogs I”ve been looking at lately had a post about this a bit back….I”ll keep you posted what the Doctor says.

If broken it is, fix it you should : ASP.NET 2.0 Crash case study: Unhandled exceptions:


Debugging my tummy problem.

FIX: The ThreadPoolMgr::WorkerThreadStart process may become locked in a loop condition in a .NET Framework 2.0-based application, and CPU utilization may increase to 100 percent:
FIX: A .NET Framework 2.0 application that runs under a user account context when no user profile is associated with the user account context may crash, or you may receive an access violation error message:

So far we”ve tried doing that to my tummy but we still have a bit of CPU spike.  So now we”ve called in the doctors to look at me.  We did a IIS crash dump.  We had already installed the debugging tools on me (placing them at c:debuggers like all good debuggers do) and then we did a Cscript Adplus.vbs -crash -iis to get it to dump.  We called the Hospital (Microsoft) and they”ve set up an outpatient triage (FTP site to upload my event log and the event dump files) and we”ll see what the Doctor says.

Last night one of my blog handlers… the blonde one… rebooted me right as I was in the middle of one of Nick”s scripts causing my database to have to recover.  Sometimes rebooting is not the answer and we do that too much around here..ya know?



Up on Community Server 2007

Well Nick cleaned out my tummy and I went from a 17 gig database down to a 10 gig database and since I”m still in shrink mode I”m going to be a tad choppy for a few…

We got the Adsense re-enabled for folks by re-enabling the inline ads and placing <script src = “true” type =”true” language = “true”/>  in the config file.  We reenabled the YouTube module as well while we were at it.
<add name = “YouTube” applications = “Weblog,Forum” type = “ScottWater.CS.Modules.YouTube, ScottWater.CS.Modules” />   

Now I need to get search reenabled and then see if all that throttling of SQL and cleaning out my spam innards will do the trick.  We”re set it so that spam will dump out after a day.

Oh yeah… and I need to clean up the front page of the blogs… it”s sorta messy up there right now.