Livin'' in Texas


I don”t quite understand the concept of you being a machine and hosting the blogs and the blogs being hosted at ownwebnow.

Can you explain this to me or is this only understood if you have “The Force”.  ;,,)

So Don in the comments asks about how the blogs are “hosted” at  You see while my blog admins are located in Ireland, California, Florida, Australia, and Iowa, I”ve got a Texas twang accent as I”m located in Dallas Texas.  My blog admins connect to me via RDP and do all administration of me remotely.  I”m located in the datacenter of So while I”m a physical server here in Texas, I”m sitting here in a server room with a bunch of other servers.  Personally I think they are just a smidge jealous at all the attention I”ve had done to me lately.  I”ve had a great team attending to my needs today.

So you are probably wondering..well how do they get software installed if they don”t have access to the cdrom drive? 

We do a virtual one with MagicISO.  As long as the software I need to install is in the form of a .exe file or an .iso file to get software on the system.  The team but the initial build of the base server operating system on the box, and then my admin team take it from there.

So from basically the four corners of the world, they can connect and do whatever tasks are needed.  If they need to see what I”m doing at the boot level, they can do that as well.  Pretty slick actually.  So Don, does that answer your question?