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  • Windows 11 – free upgrade from WIN7 and WIN8 discontinued
    Microsoft is implementing new restrictions on the capability for Windows 7/8 users to update to Windows 11.  And most users using outdated WIN7 or WIN8 systems are on devices to old to support WIN10 or WIN11 effectively. Microsoft Kills Free Windows 7 to Windows 11 Upgrade Option | PCMag Windows Ends Installation Path for Free […] Read more »
  • Mozilla Firefox – v118 security and features release
    The latest Firefox v118 should update automatically & transparently for most users.  Key new features & security improvements can be found in latest release. Firefox 118.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes ( Security Vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 118 — Mozilla Mozilla has released security updates to address vulnerabilities for Thunderbird 115.3, Firefox ESR […] Read more »
  • DSL Modem – 2023 product evaluation by PC World
    DSL modems are older technology based on copper wiring that are gradually being phased out in favor of fiber.  However, in rural areas there are least expensive & often only option for many.  PC World & other evaluations below list leading models that support these older technological standards in 2023 Your modem is […] Read more »
  • Apple iPhone 15 – in-depth review by PC Magazine
    The new iPhone 15 is featured in an in-depth review by PC Magazine Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Review | PCMag iPhones are never cheap and the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the costliest of the bunch. At $1,199 for the base 256GB model, it’s $200 more than the base iPhone 15 Pro. That price […] Read more »
  • Internet Service Providers 2023 survey by PC Magazine
    PC Magazine shares their annual survey of Internet Service Providers for 2023 survey Best Internet Service Providers for 2023 | PCMag Yep, ISPs Are Charging More for the Same Service | PCMag The first thing to notice about the list of all the ISPs in the US is that the top winner (Starlink) is the […] Read more »
  • Windows 11 Copilot – New Artificial Intelligence platform CEO keynote and videos
    Recently, Microsoft formally released a highly improved version of Windows 11 Copilot .  Microsoft CEO keynote and other u-tube videos share highlights for this new product.   Read more »
  • Windows 11 Copilot – New Artificial Intelligence platform integration release
    Windows Copilot is a new Artificial Intelligence facility that collects & “learns” from history to help in further automating activities & simplifying common technical/detailed tasks.  This latest release can now capture & integrate data/procedures from multiple devices. Microsoft Reveals Unified AI Platform Copilot Availability — Test Driving Windows 11 Copilot, Part 1: Getting Started […] Read more »
  • Microsoft – renames Azure Active Directory to Entra ID
    Microsoft is in process of renaming Azure Active Directory to Entra ID that better differentiates cloud v. client/server security controls.  This will be completed in 2024 Microsoft Updates Entra ID Name Change Timeline — Azure AD Rename Rollout and Resources – Microsoft Community Hub Microsoft provided an update on its rename transition for Azure […] Read more »
  • Microsoft – Home pages for deprecation and removed legacy features
    Recently, Word Pad & TLS 1.0/1.1 were “deprecated” and last year IE11 was removed.  As corporate users sometimes work with older legacy applications, the two home page links below are helpful in tracking older features as they are retired/removed in favor of newer & more secure methods.  To understand the distinction between deprecation and removal, see Windows client features […] Read more »
  • Windows 11 – new SMB security controls for IT tuning in latest beta SEP-2023
    SMB is a highly flexible network protocol that can be used for certain devices or special access needs.  Traditionally as an older access method, security is weaker than many other areas Microsoft has traditionally improved with it’s TWC initiatives of the past.  In the past, attackers have actively exploited SMB in malware attacks.  Recently, Windows […] Read more »
  • FTC – Avoid payment scams that can only be made with cryptocurrency
    The FTC shares need to always avoid payment scams that can only be made with cryptocurrency, wire transfers, or gift cards are they are non-refundable & non-traceable.  Only purchase using traditional approaches such as credit/debit cards, checks, etc. after thoroughly verifying the trustworthiness of the transaction itself. Did someone insist you pay them with cryptocurrency? […] Read more »
  • FTC – Scams for Student Loan repayments starting OCT-2023
    The FTC shares awareness of new scams for Student Loan repayments starting in October 2023.  Any related services are FREE of charge without need to real or fake “services” companies. Pay your student loans — not scammers | Consumer Advice ( You’ve probably heard the news — federal student loan repayments are starting again in […] Read more »
  • Google Chromebooks – Improved update support for 10 Years
    Google Chromebooks have improved their O/S update support to now last 10 Years for the latest models. Google Chromebooks Get 10 Years of Update Support — Google extends automatic updates for Chromebooks ( Google announced this week that its Chromebooks computers will get 10 years of updates automatically.  This update support promise applies to Chromebooks […] Read more »
  • Apple – SEPTEMBER 2023 security updates
    Apple is a key hardware & software vendor for many organizations & several products have had recent security updates Apple Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products | CISA Apple Releases Security Updates for iOS and macOS | CISA Apple has released security updates to address a vulnerability in multiple products. A cyber threat actor could […] Read more »
  • Ransomware – MGM and Caesars casino attacks SEP-2023
    Recent ransomware attacks have targeted MGM and Caesars casinos & even with robust security controls, social engineering attacks to reset passwords or highly targeted emails can allow unauthorized access.    Once ransomware is inside the network, it can spread like wildfire to infect servers & complete groups of users.  Regular PENTESTs & NVAs & esp. […] Read more »
  • Windows – WORD PAD support ending in September 2023
    For over 23 years, Word Pad was included in every version of Windows starting with Windows 95.  It provided convenience sometimes for desktop support techniques who might be working on a machine that did not have office installed.  Currently, most Windows users have cloud or desktop versions of Office installed.  Word Pad has limited utility […] Read more »

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