New (Free) Robot Tic-Tac-Toe Sample App!


I have created a free sample app, called Robot Tic-Tac-Toe to go along with my new iPhone Life blog seriesFrom Inception to App Store.

You can get the app for free, at this link:

Learn Best Practices

As I go through the blog series, you’ll learn best practices as I show you how I designed, coded, tested, and got the app ready for the App Store on these platforms:

  • Apple Watch
  • iPhone / iPad
  • Apple TV (coming soon)

The New Blog Series

The first three installments in the new blog series are now available on line. Here’s a link to the latest article:

Please Rate the App!

Typically, only 0.5% of users rate apps. It would help us immensely in getting the word out about the app and the new blog series if you rate the app in iTunes. You don’t have to write a review (although that would be nice), but you can simply tap the stars in iTunes under Ratings and Reviews.

All the Best!
Kevin McNeish
Apple iOS Author, Developer and Trainer