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DROP  procedure InsertProc GO CREATE procedure InsertProc ( @tablename varchar(100))asdeclare @cname varchar(100),@First int, @strAllColumns varchar(5000),@strAllColumnsVal varchar(5000), @strParam varchar(5000), @strAllParams varchar(1000), @length int declare crsColumn cursor  for select  name from syscolumns where id=object_id(@tablename)declare crsParam cursor  forselect (select max(name) from systypes where xtype=sc.xtype) param,length, namefrom syscolumns sc where id= ( select id from sysobjects where name=@tablename)———————————————————————-begin———————————————————————-—————————————- Header Information ———-print […]

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Use NorthwindGocreate procedure des(@tablename varchar(100))asselect name,(select max(name) from systypes where xtype=sc.xtype) datatype,length,prec,scale,case isnullable when 1 then ‘Y’ when 0 then ‘N’ else ‘X’ end nullablefrom syscolumns sc where id= ( select id from sysobjects where name=@tablename)GOdes Products Output: name datatype length prec scale nullable ProductID int 4 10 0 N ProductName sysname 80 40 NULL […]

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VS.NET supported DSL for Modeling Tool

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I found the following resource about DSL is very useful.   Using the Microsoft DSL tools you can create your own designer, integrated into Visual Studio, for a visual domain-specific language. The tools help you define the domain-specific language and generate the code of a graphical designer for you. The resulting designer uses the same underlying […]

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Now “Software Factory” is the “Buzzword” To the architect real challenge to make “Platform Independent” auto generated coding tools which will be domain specific.   How extent is this possible? Here things are required, strong domain knowledge along with technical skills. If I talk about .NET initially this came as one of the best programming […]

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In a website when I mentioned the SmtpMail.SmtpServer= “ServerIP” it was showing the following error:“EXCEPTION Could not access ‘CDO.Message’ object.”When I remove, then this was working fine. This was showing the InnerException: EXCEPTION System.Web.HttpException: Could not access ‘CDO.Message’object. —> System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exceptionhas been thrown by the target of an invocation. —>System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8004020F): The serverrejected one or more recipient addresses….. […]

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