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Be a Technologist

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Business & functional knowledge
Involvement in all client processes  – starting from requirement analysis to final delivery [UAT & Release]
QMS – Process improvement, Creating standard
Project planning
System testing
Lead the team
Requirement analysis, architecting & designing the application, and estimate time and effort required
ü  Analyze technical and functional requirements
ü  Ensure completeness of requirements
ü  Preparing complete requirement documentation
ü  Manage change requests/scoping to ensure
Technical Design
ü  Define, track and document the high level and low level technical design that incorporates best designing practices and suits the stated functional and non –functional requirements. Does a first level review of the proposed design and further validates it through presentations to Technical Review Board.
ü  Ensure delivery of the technical design within prescribed timelines.
Knowledge Transfer to Developer
ü  Disseminate and transfer the proposed technical design to the Blue Print development teams. Interface with other internal stakeholders in order to clarify and communicate the technical design details and architectural components. Provide support to the development team regarding technical design clarifications.
ü  Analyze issues arising during the development phases to identify patterns, and design modifications that may be required.
ü  Contribute as a member of the design review group to evaluate designs
Forming Competency and Team
ü  Participate in Presales demos and presentations whenever required; provide input for training material.
Architecting & Designing Application & Enterprise Solutions:
·         Object Oriented Programming
·         OOAD
·         Design Patterns
o   Concepts
o   Creational
§  Singleton
§  Abstract Factory
o   Structural
§  Façade
§  Adaptor
o   Behavioral
·         Application Architecture
·         Better Practices in Microsoft Development
·         Application Tuning
·         Application Security

.NET Technologies:
·         .NET 1.x,  .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, C# / VB.NET, ASP.NET
o   CLR & Framework
o   Directory Service
o   Windows Service
o   Web Service
o   XML Handling
o   Remoting
o   Exception Handling
·         ASP.NET
o   Architecture & Life Cycle of Web Application
o   Controls
o   Configuration

·         RDBMS Concept
o   Normalization
o   Transaction
·          SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005
o   Stored Procedure
o   Trigger
§  DML
·         Managed Trigger
·         T-SQL Trigger
o   UDT
o   CLR Integration
o   Query Optimization
o   Profiler
o   XML Data Type Handling
§  XQUERY – Query, Exist, Modify, Value
§  Indexing XML column
§  Retrieving Value from element and attribute – Similar to XPath
o   Data Encryption
o   Service Feature
§  Service Broker Architecture
§  Query Notification
§  Web Service Implementation
o   Open XML, Auto, Raw, Explicit XML
o   Transaction
o   Indexing
o   Exception Handling
§  Try… Catch – ERROR_Message(), Error_State(), Error_Number(), Error_Severity()
o   Functions
o   T-SQL Enhancement in SQL Server 2005, 2008
§  RANK Funtion
§  CTE
§  DDL Trigger
§  DML with OUTPUT
§  Isolation
·         Snapshot – By Versioning
·         Statement Level- READ_COMMITED
·         Transaction Level – Serializable
·         Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g
Business Intelligence:
·         Concept
·          SSIS
·         SSAS
·         SSRS
Frameworks / Libraries:
·         CSLA
·         Web Service / Web Client Factory
·          Smart Client Factory
·          Enterprise Library
Latest Technologies
·         LINQ, NHibernate / ORM tools
·         NUnit / VSTS / Other testing frameworks like MBUnit
UI Technologies:
·         XAML / Silverlight
Project Management
·         Requirement Analysis
·         Estimation
·         Risk Management 

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