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This series of Webcast includes A2Z[complete] ASP.NET AJAX Client Libraries – calling Web services, object-oriented development, creating controls, creating behaviors, and tips and tricks for development WCF Services from ASP.NET AJAX MSDN WEBCAST: CALLING WINDOWS COMMUNICATION FOUNDATION SERVICES WITH ASP.NET AJAX CLIENT LIBRARIES (PART 1 OF 2) MSDN WEBCAST: CALLING WINDOWS COMMUNICATION FOUNDATION SERVICES WITH […]

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The series blog post on REST in WCF REST in WCF – Part I (REST Overview) REST in WCF – Part II (AJAX Friendly Services, Creating The Service) REST in WCF – Part III (AJAX Friendly Services, Consuming The Service) REST in WCF – Part IV (HI-REST – Exposing a service via GET – Configuring […]

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Url Rewriting using WCF

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One of my interesting thing is “URL Rewriting”. The first time I have implemented it through implementing HTTPHandler using .NET 1.1. Same concept I have applied to a Document Management Service [DMS] project to PUT the document and GET the document by an .ASMX WebService. There I added verb * using wild charater in IIS 6.0 as well […]

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So nicely step by step blogged by Eric Lippert for “Covariance and Contravariance” as “Fabulous Adventures In Coding” Covariance and Contravariance, Part Eleven: To infinity, but not beyond Immutability in C# Part Three: A Covariant Immutable Stack Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Ten: Dealing With Ambiguity Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Nine: Breaking Changes Covariance […]

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Very good resources for the coming version… Sam Ng Dynamic in C# Part One Dynamic in C# Part Two Chris Burrows C# Dynamic Part I C# Dynamic Part II C# Dynamic Part III Eric Lippert The Future of C# Part One The Future of C# Part Two The Future of C# Part Three The Future […]

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.NET, SQL Server Users Group and IT Pro KolkataNET Users Group was founded by a highly motivated people to create a .NET community with the interest of helping professionals and students. We do discussions on ASP.NET, COM+ Services, SOA based distrubuted systems and cross-language inheiritance, SQL Server. KolkataNET is dedicated to professional programmers who are […]

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