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The evolution of programming languages have been categorized as 1GL, 2GL, 3GL, 4GL….E.g. Machine Language -> Assembly Language -> C / Fortran -> SQL / Focus 4GL. The evolution of these languages are towards Low level language to High Level language. In 1995, I stated learning computer languages. First I learned C, just after going through Fundamentals […]

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ServiceContractAttribute  Name  and Namespace – The name and namespace of the contract in the WSDL <portType> element we can modify by specifying this two attribute. Default name is same as the contract type and http://tempuri.org. It is always recommondable to use Namespace to specify proper namespace which remove the conflict of the datatype/contract. CallbackContract – It […]

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WCF Links

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Oslo – Microsoft Official Site

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Microsoft’s forthcoming modeling platform is OSLO. More on http://www.microsoft.com/soa/products/oslo.aspx “Oslo” realted Downloads are available here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/oslo/cc748654.aspx “Oslo” SDK download – Download the “Oslo” SDK October 2008 CTP

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Download – The Service and Client Application

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Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) application is divided two layers namely Services and Clients The WCF services can be exposed in different ways through Web, Windows Service, Self Hosting [Running Console Application]. The Endpoint [Which is having the Address, Binding, Contract(ABC)] is definded to expose service or consume it. In our sample code so far we have […]

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Now after creating “Hello World” most easy Service we will very happy to see by getting access throug a browser to access WSDL file and can be used in any other application by adding Service Reference. Yes, we can access it just like to .asmx web service through .svc file. To host one service using IIS […]

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SOA in the Real World

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This is one of my most interesting eBook which gives the real concepts of SOA. I am here to share this… Click on the book’s image to download

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The metadata is to describe how to interact with the service’s endpoints. We could generate Proxy class for the Client as well as it updates the .config files[App.config/Web.config] for the Client Application.For example Svcutil.exe could automatically generated client code for accessing the service..Trough Visual Studio 2008/2005 with WCF extension, we can “Add Service Reference” which […]

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Step 5. Create New Console Project for creating Client Application the Service – Start running the Service when you generate the Proxy of the Service   5.1- Added Service Reference of the created Service 5.2- Created Proxy Class of the created Service – In service explorer click on show all files then a set of […]

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