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Download Code – A2Z WCF Hands On Lab (HOL) – WCF Tutorial/Lab # 01- Service and Client Application

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Here is the code…

Click to Download

This is my first post for WCF HOL. I will be posting series of Lab Sessions with code and explanations for the whole series. I have noticed in one UG Session people who don’t have any WCF backround but who are familiars of ASP.NET/.NET for them this series will be useful as a tutorial with practical.

Step by step I will be covering all the possible aspects of WCF. Same time I will be covering the SOA / Service based real life application scope especially for Connected and Distributed systems.

Please note that in the sample application every where I have used abu – which is my machine name, now for your case this will be your machine name

In Service Code
svcBaseAddress = new Uri(http://abu:8080/WCFKolkataNET/HOL); // Change “abu” by your machine name

In Client Code
endPointAddr = new EndpointAddress(http://abu:8080/WCFKolkataNET/HOL/MyService); // Change “abu” by your machine name

under: 9534


  1. By: ACHOUR on December 8, 2010 at 9:47 am      

    For practice

  2. By: ACHOUR on December 8, 2010 at 9:47 am      

    for practice