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So nicely step by step blogged by Eric Lippert for “Covariance and Contravariance” as “Fabulous Adventures In Coding”

  • Covariance and Contravariance, Part Eleven: To infinity, but not beyond
  • Immutability in C# Part Three: A Covariant Immutable Stack
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Ten: Dealing With Ambiguity
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Nine: Breaking Changes
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Eight: Syntax Options
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C# Part Seven: Why Do We Need A Syntax At All?
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Six: Interface Variance
  • Covariance and Contravariance In C#, Part Five: Higher Order Functions Hurt My Brain
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Four: Real Delegate Variance
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Three: Method Group Conversion Variance
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part Two: Array Covariance
  • Covariance and Contravariance in C#, Part One
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    Very good resources for the coming version…

    Sam Ng

    Chris Burrows

    Eric Lippert


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    “What’s Next?” – Everybody is interested to know about new and upcoming things. While I purchase new thing, I could not wait to use. Previously I was curious to know abour Whidbey, Orcas, WinFx ( Indigo, Avalon)… Next???

    Now it is the case for Oslo too.

    Now after PDC 2008, may many of us come to know about Visual Studio 2010.

     “10” – this one very significant number for football player or hockey player; only the most important player are getting No. 10 as their jersey number.

    Yes, this time, it is “10” – Visual Studio 2010, VB.NET 10, Visual Studio 10 is the NEXT.

    Here are some very useful links related to this.






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    C# Language Enhancement

    C# 3,0 LINQ

    C# 3.0 and LINQ With Language Extention

    C# Dynamic Language Enhancement

    C# 4.0 can be found on the Downloads page. The CSharpDynamic samples include several projects showing how to use Dynamic with Office, IronPython and other technologies. There is also a covariance and contravariance example, and an example show how to use the new IDynamicObject interface to create native C# objects that can be called dynamically.

    The document New Features in C# 4.0 is a high level description of the additions to the C# language, and the samples are designed to show off the new language features, particularly around the dynamic scenario.

    under: 9536, 9537