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Preparing for an interview should be planned excercise, just like SDLC, it has it’s own life cycle.
When one thinks that he/she need to get or change his/her present job, from that day the excercise should start. It’s totally depends his/her own dedication and hard work. In this post what I can suggest about the strategy, and planning advice.

Let’s discuss about the types of things need to work out.

Step 1. Clearing fundamentals – throughly – need to start atleast 90 days back from the date of interview; when  detemining to appearing the interview. This is first process of the life cycle.
As a front end application developer start with .NET framework, SQL Server, XML, ASP.NET etc.
As a database developer RDBMS knowedge, SQL Server / Oracle etc.
For this pupose best thing is that purchase one basic level book, which needs to study from first to last page using one highlighter and a pen to mark and write key things in the book itself. This text book should digest 100%.

Step 2. Prepare CV proerly showing own capabilities. Highlight the objective, overall summary, experiences, educational back ground, coumputer skills and project detail. Keep the contact details on the top.
In project details include short description/abstact of the scope of the project, technologies used, number team members, duration and finally your role in that.

Step 3. Prepare one document which help to identify the technical knowledge where need to get more focused.

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So nice !!!

This is great discussion… to get success in an Interview…


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ASP.NET Interview Questions

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Quality question 🙂 http://www.hanselman.com/blog/ASPNETInterviewQuestions.aspx

Many question you can found in http://blogs.crsw.com/mark/articles/254.aspx too.


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Interviewing at Microsoft

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Some interesting experiences on Interviewing at Microsoft…



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