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.NET and Security

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This month personally I was going through on “SECURITY” as well as “ADO.NET 2.0”, but what I saw both are just like an ocean.

I asked almost 40 people about the definition of Security; yes I got 40 different answers in wording but 90% answer is “SECIRUTY means Securing Data”.

Security needs all the times also from different angle. What Subratam ( http://subratam.org – Security MVP) says … Security is related to Spyware, Virus, Worms !!!  He was thinking saving the PC – Protecting.

On the other hand Rajesh was saying Security means securing data in Application Development, yes he is developer lead from one Big Giant. But Sujay was saying securing data … means Database as he is experts in SQL Server 2000 / 2005.

Yes, all the answers are expected.

But, I have stressed from a Developer’s, Architect’s perspective.

After going through lots of documents, what I saw I all are there in one place… Even I noticed the rating of these is “9 out of 9”.

I have also given 9. May be you too…

 Security Guidelines: ASP.NET 2.0


Security Guidelines: ADO.NET 2.0


Security Guidelines: .NET Framework 2.0


All other related links are EXCELLENT!!!

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