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Ace Fekay here again.

You might say to yourself this is some really simple stuff. Sure, it might be, for the pro. As many of you know, I’m an avid Active Directory and Exchange server engineer/architect, and an MVP in Active Directory.

Therefore with AD, Exchange, and Office 365, you will find that scripting comes into play more and more with your daily tasks.  The main reason I’m posting simple scripts is that to get the job done, I just needed an arsenal of simple quickie scripts when called upon a simple task, such as this one, when tasked to quickly get a list of users in a group.

I hope this, and my future scripts, especially with Office 365, help you out.


I needed to get a user membership list from a global group called, “Marketing Dept,” into a CSV. Group scope doesn’t matter. I just need a list of the members because the share owner that the group is controlling access, needed a list to ensure that it’s current and to clean up any disabled accounts from users that have left the company.

And yes, this is simple stuff. The main reason I’m posting this, and I will be posting much more, including Office 365 scripts, is that I had to look it up and there is no one place to get all of this at the simple level. All I see are elaborate scripts that do more than what I needed. Hence, my posts.


I usually kick it off with a get-credential because I run this from my workstation logged on with my non-admin account. And because I work in a multi-forest, multi domain environment, I must connect to the specific domain where the group exists.

Of course, we must add the PS Quest snap-in. In addition, I use the “-NoTypeInformation” switch to suppress the silly “Type” data that shows up in the output.


add-pssnapin Quest*
connect-qadservice domain2
Get-QADGroupMember “Marketing Dept” | Select-Object DisplayName,Name,AccountIsDisabled | Export-Csv c:\output\Domain2-MarketinDept.csv –NoTypeInformation

Comments are welcomed.



I hope this helps!

Published 8/17/2015

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