Automation Programming Introduction

Just a bit of an update after a long period of inactivity from blogging. A lot of people have been asking me to blog about my experience with automation and IoT. It’s a rather large topic which is most likely why I’ve been putting off writing about it for a while, but it’s so much more than just relays and having things connected by the internet. If you’re talking about automation in itself, it doesn’t necessarily inherently mean you’re dealing with IoT but they can be related in a way if your device can communicate over ethernet in some way. … Continue reading Automation Programming Introduction

Unique String Encoding With Bitwise Operations

Here is a method for encoding a string that I came up with. It is actually a fairly nice method, the strategy behind this and the idea can be added onto, but this works quite well the way it is right now and for how random the output looks when we encode the original string value. const string originalObj = “Let’s have ourselves a Fiesta!!!”; Console.WriteLine(“Original: {0}”, originalObj); Console.WriteLine(“——————-“); // Encoding char* objEncode = stackalloc char[originalObj.Length]; for (int i = 0; i < originalObj.Length; i++) { int j = originalObj[i] ^ i + 1; objEncode[i] = (char)j; } string encodedObj … Continue reading Unique String Encoding With Bitwise Operations