RoboCopy to the rescue

Filed Under (Tools) by on 18-04-2006
Another day and another tool to save the
day.  Today I was staging the production DCs for different types
of updates and I really didn”t feel like copying 50+ files to these
servers.  So I remembered an old friend of mine named RoboCopy

RoboCopy has been around for some time and is a life saver when wanting
to copy an entire directory with sub-folders and sub-files underneath
What I do when I want to copy files to
multiple servers is to create a batch file that includes all the
servers.  I”m sure there is a better way to script this but i”m
not a scripting monkey.
robocopy c:tempupdate *.*  serverc$temp /s
I”ll just copy this as many times
as I have servers and replace servername with the actual server
name.  The folder called update on the source was the parent
folder that contained all the folders I wanted to copy over. 
This folder will not be copied over during this operation and it will
copy the folders that were under it to the root of C:Temp of the

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  1.   Mike V Says:

    Hey big guy 🙂

    Another command I use that saves me downloading robocopy to a new box, is xcopy.

    xcopy *.* destinationshare /d /e /c /h /y

    Those switches cause it to copy all files/subfolders, etc, that are new than what”s on the destination, and also allows it to continue on error (unlike just dragging and dropping). Pipe it to a text file (>output.txt) for a report. Works with robocopy too.

    Robocopy is much more full featured however, especially if you need to mirror two directories, for instance, including deletions. very powerful.


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