Gotcha with changing the Schema Master

Filed Under (Active Directory, FSMO) by on 24-04-2006

Changing FSMO roles isn”t that difficult.  In fact you can see a great video that I create on it right here.  The one that seems to get everyone is the Schema Master.  The reason being is because when you open the Schema snap-in it always opens it connected to the Schema Master…regardless of what machine you open the tool on.  If you don”t see this, when you attempt to transfer the role it won”t let you because it will show the server names in both areas.

So if you want to change the Schema Master role make sure to right click Active Directory Schema and select Change Domain Controller… like shown below (real names blanked out to protect the innocent).


After you change that to the DC that you want to transfer the role to go ahead and select Operation Master…  You should now see the DC that you are connected to on the bottom box.  Make the transfer and all should be well.

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